Children’s Original Song

Some may be new composition, new words to a traditional tune, or new tune to existing lyrics or poem.

Children’s Singing

Any traditional song of the British Isles, or child’s own tradition.

Traditional Singing (Novice and non-previous winners)

A traditional song which may be accompanied.

Traditional Singing (Open)

As above, but song must not have been sung by competitor in last 3 years.

Border Ballad

Any Border Ballad. May be accompanied.

Children’s Poetry Reciting

Recitation of any poem. Class for 12 years of age or under.

Original Poetry (all).

Poem must be own composition. Competitors or their nominees will be required to recite or read their work before the judge. Poems may be in dialect.

Original Tune.

Any tune in the tradition. Entry limit of 3 per person.

Original Song (all).

Song must be entrant’s own composition. Entry limit of 3 per person per class.

Original Song (Scots).

Competitors in the children’s section may be accompanied. Adults may be unaccompanied or accompany themselves.

Country Dance Bands / Ceilidh Bands.

Two tune selections of entrant’s choice.

Children’s Accordion.

Selection of 2 tunes, varied tempo. 12 years and under.

Accordion (Novice and non-previous winners).

One slow tune and one fast tune.

Accordion (Open).

March, strathspey and reel.

Accordion (Classical and Continental)

Own selection of tunes.

Children’s Fiddle.

Selection of 2 tunes, varied tempo.

Fiddle (Novice and non-previous winners).

One slow tune and one fast tune.

Fiddle (Open)

March, strathspey and reel.

Fiddle (Slow Air and Reel)

Slow air and reel.

Traditional Instrumental Pairs (all).

Own section of tunes. One entry per instrument. Competitors entering more than once must play different instruments. Entrants in the children’s class must both be 16 years or under.

Miscellaneous Instrument (all).

Any instrument not otherwise classified.  Entrants in the children’s class must be 16 years or under.


Not to exceed 10 minutes.

Highland Bagpipes (all).

Own selection of tunes, not to exceed 5 minutes.


In all classes the adjudicator may exercise their discretion, and their decision is final.