Accordion (Open) – James Laurie

Border Ballad – Aly Macrae

Ceilidh Band – Redheughers

Fiddle (Open) – Ian Woods

Fiddle (Slow Air and Reel) – Rachael Hales

Highland Bagpipes (Open) – Neil Kennedy

Instrumental Pairs  – Robin Dunn and Rachael Hales

Miscellaneous Instrument – Morgan Gillette

Original Poetry  – Ronnie Collins

Original Composition (song – other) – Ron Teichman

Original Composition (song – trad) – Aly Macrae

Original Composition (song – Scots) – Ronnie Collins

Original Composition (tune) – Fiona Collins

Storytelling – Dave McFadzean

Traditional Singing (men’s open)  – David Mackintosh

Traditional Singing (women’s novice) – Melody Grove

Traditional Singing (women’s open) – Kirsty Leonard