Accordion (Novice) – Daisy Arnold

Accordion (Open) – Jamie Anderson

Accordion (Classical and Continental) – Jamie Anderson

Accordion (Children) – Jake Johnstone

Border Ballad – Richard Hardaker

Children’s Miscellaneous Instrument – Bruce Roberts

Ceilidh Band – The Redheughers

Fiddle (NNPW) – Aidan Falconer

Fiddle (Open) – Rachael Hales

Fiddle (Slow Air and Reel) – Rachael Hales

Fiddle (Children) – Aidan Falconer

Highland Bagpipes (Novice) – Shiela Quaggin

Highland Bagpipes (Open) – Neil Kennedy

Instrumental Pairs  – Rachael Hales and Robin Dunn

Instrumental Pairs (Children) – Jake and Jenna Johnstone

Miscellaneous Instrument – Jenna Mcrory

Original Poetry  – Jez Uppadine

Original Composition (song – other) – Richard Hardaker

Original Composition (song – Trad) – Lyn Hampshire

Original Composition (tune) – Aidan Falconer

Poetry Reciting – Leo Page

Storytelling – David Duncan

Children’s Singing – Willow Kerr

Traditional Singing (Men’s Open)  – Henry Douglas

Traditional Singing (Women’s Open) – Martha Blinkhorn