The competitions were a bit different his year:

Quarantunes (an original tune written during the plague and including a clear 20 second hand washing section)

Adult: Linda Campbell

Child: Finley Pennycook

Traditional Medicine (trad tune learnt during lockdown, any instrument)

Adult: Brian Smith

Child: Daisy Arnold

Traditional Medicine (trad song learnt during lockdown)

Rose Byers

Bored’er Ballads (a song written during and about the plague)

(Joint winners) Hector Christie; Sarah-Jane Rimmer

Rhyminations in Isolation (poem written during and about plague-life)

Carole Brooks

Most Creative Use of Objects, Setting and Location

Bruce Hogg and The Crew of the Crow

Committee’s Commendation of the Capturing of the Copshaw Spirit

(Joint winners) Alastair Adamson; Bruce Roberts